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Sandra Moodie, the founder of Pass The Baton has over three decades of experience. She specialises in community cohesion, working in schools, managing children centres and leading a range of community forums.

Fathers Reading

Sandra has a created a range of parent and family programmes. The ‘Father’s Reading’ programme is a series of sessions where dads come together to read and discuss current issues, as well as how to be more effective fathers.

Changing Lives

‘Changing Lives’ a motivational, confidence building programme that addresses low self – esteem, goal setting and routes into employment.

An Informed Parent

‘Empowered Parent’ is a parent advocacy programme that empowers them to recognise they are biggest stakeholders in their child’s education.

Community Matters

The ‘Community Matters’ surgeries support families with their issues and challenges, which can often become over whelming for them.

Debt Matters

The ‘Debt Matters’ surgery is a key community programme that supports families who need help to manage their finances. It gives them the skills to navigate during difficult times.

Mothers Raise Sons

‘Mothers Raising Sons to Become Men’ supports mothers who are raising boys in the challenging environment in a single family household.

How to be Parent Ambassadors

Sandra founded the ‘Parent Ambassadors’ network, which is a diverse community forum that supports parents from different ethnic and bilingual backgrounds.

Managing Your Home and Family

‘Managing your Home and Family’, a programme designed to give parents the strategies to tackle challenging family life and manage household budgets.

Bespoke Workshops and Consulting

Sandra has runs a selection of bespoke programmes that can support your community, school or organisation. She has overseen tailored programmes for a range clients over the years.

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