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In January 2020 Sandra started sponsoring Aminata Jaru from Bojang Tamba School of Excellence. Soon after undertaking the commitment in wanting to make a difference in providing Aminata’s school essentials; she felt moved to do a little more. With that in mind, she used the time through the first lockdown to write Aminata a story. A story ‘Aminata and The Bag of Seeds’ featuring her as the main character in the adventure. The intention of the story was to inspire Aminata and her peers in finding their gift.

As the work progressed Sandra researched illustrators all over the world online to make her script come to life to stimulate young minds. She eventually found the perfect illustrator Vladimir Cebu a qualified Lawyer in the Philippines, to animate her story. A great working relationship was established between them as the book came together perfectly. Sandra also features her own granddaughter Skyla Rae in the book. A character from the UK temporarily attending Bojang Tamba School while her parents work in The Gambia. Soon an adventure of rejection unfolds with an inspiring outcome for Aminata which sends a positive message around a child’s well-being with parental engagement and giving a child fulfilment.


Aminata and The Bag of Seeds by Sandra Moodie

Order a copy of this wonderful new children’s book Price £10 + £2.36 for postage and packaging


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