Sandra Moodie

Educational Consultant, LBFF Chair and Author

Sandra Moodie a mother of three and five grandchildren, is the owner and founder of ‘Pass the Baton Raise the Next Generation’. As a Children’s Centre professional, she has previously managed centres in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth. She led diverse teams serving large communities. In her roles she established the Parent Ambassadors network, which represented parents from various ethnic backgrounds to harness engagement from families who had difficulties in building relationships with the wider community. 

“I love the work I do at Pass The Baton,

especially helping others to achieve their

goals and creating a better community”

She organised Every Father Matters event in Lambeth. It was a powerful forum used to bring local dads together by inviting a panel of high-profile dads who shared their stories of success that inspired young men, who felt challenged in their relationships with young children. 

She set up a Community Matters surgery to help the most vulnerable, disadvantaged families with no recourse to public funds. She used Every Child Matters framework to ensure their needs were met. This allowed them to access family services that protected their mental health and  overall wellbeing. 

Her work is centred around putting purpose back into families and the hands of the next generation where so many families have been denied, disadvantaged and excluded from living independently. 

As an innovator, Sandra has always been creative in the way she tailored services to the meet the need of the families in her reach. She started writing parenting programmes to build confidence, raise self-esteem, self-worth and value.

These programmes have had life changing effects on participants with outstanding outcomes. Parents have completed courses filled with enthusiasm, confidence and changed mind-sets. Setting targets with a plan of action for short term, mid-term and long term goals for their families.

Chair of Lambeth Black Families Forum (LBFF)

She is a community cohesion specialist with work stretched over three decades. With children in schools, and families through her roles as a Community Leader. She chairs the Lambeth Black Families Forum (LBFF) and previously Vice chair to the Lambeth Community Consultative Group (CPCG) a police watchdog, that was established out of the 1981 Brixton Riots/Uprising.

Sandra’s involvement with the CPCG began after her own son was stopped, searched and photographed by police on his way home from school back in 2008. Despite never being arrested or known to police. His photo was taken without her knowledge or consent.

Sandra challenged the police only for it to be revealed that photos were stored in the intelligence unit. Waiting to be used should a crime were committed in the future and be used to identify offenders. Many other innocent young people were also victims, having their images stored without parents being aware. Sandra bought this to light in a public meeting with community members and police resulting in a victory and having the unlawful tactic abandoned. 

The CPCG asked her to join the group. Sandra accepted. She was voted in later that year to stand a community seat; this led her to go and support other parents who were challenged by police cases and complaints. 

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